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In 1972, Amsoil developed the first synthetic motor oil approved by the American Petroleum Institute. With more than thirty years of experince in research and development, Amsoil is the uncontested leader in synthetic lubricants.

Amsoil lubricant reduces the friction and heat up to 50°F, what reduces wear and deposits leaved by traditional oils, thus allowing, a saving in gasoline and an increased in longevity of your vehicle.

Today's engine function at temperatures up to 240°F, what break down oil and creates deposits. In addition, the Amsoil synthetic lubricants can resist temperatures of more than 500°F.

The Amsoil lubricants are formulated to exceed the most rigorous European specifications (CCMC). They have a degree of volatility which exceed the most severe requirements, reducing by the fact, the oil consumption as well as the pollutant emissions. They also offer startings in cold weather much easier with a pour point as low as -70°F. Contrary to mineral oil who become almost in a solid state at a temperature of only -30°F. Because of their exceptional qualities the Amsoil engine oils can prolong from 2 to 3 times the oil change intervals recommended. What represents a substantial saving of time and money.

Each year, more than 240 million gallons of oil is wasted in the environment. By choosing Amsoil, you contributes to safeguard our environment while profiting from the advantages of synthetic oil, developped especially to obtain a better protection and a longuer life.

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